Business Back Up Solutions For Your Home Based Business

Business is business, whether it’s based out of your home or out of office premises. All businesses whether big or small have critical data that has to be protected and whose back up is necessary to guard against the destruction of such vital data. This is where business back up solutions, are handy and there are a host of them available, which target all kinds business needs and requirements.

Importance for Home Based Businesses

A home based business owner is sometimes careless about the data stored on the computer. Also, at times, the personal computer is used by quite a few users and hence there is all the chance of the data being lost on account of the mistake of one or the other user. Thus, such business owners must go for business back up solutions so that they will always have access to the essential files of their business in any eventuality. Computers are liable to crash, be affected by viruses or be affected by some damaging occurrences. This results in the loss of data, which can be restored if there is a back up solution in place.

The Concept of Online Back Up

Most businesses whether big or small; home based or otherwise usually prefer choosing online business back up solutions. This is because, through the online method, you will be able to store your back up files on a remote server which protects it from any affectations suffered by your server or computer. You will save the files through the simple process of sending them over the internet to a specific location and you can download the files if and when you require them.

Simplicity in Back Up

At times home based business owners are doubtful about their own capacity to use online business back up solutions and think that they might be fairly complex for their needs and requirements. Some think they need an entire server to run their backup solutions such as a HP Proliant setup. They prefer to go for a simplistic solution for their back up needs. One of the simplest ways of taking a data back up is using a compact disc or a DVD for the same. You can copy all your data on a disk or a set of disks with ease. There was a time when floppy disks were all the rage as far as business back up solutions go; but they have all but become obsolete in today’s times. CD-R and DVD R- are now emerging as the simpler and more powerful forms of storage and are popularly being used by home based businesses to store their important data.

It’s Your Choice

At the end of the day, it depends on your perception and individualistic needs as to which amongst the many, business back up solutions you pick for your home based business needs. You, as the business owner, will be best served if your select a back up solution that is affordable and easy to use. It must be quick and convenient and infallible. It must make available to you, your back up data at all times of the day.

Why Your Business Back Stage Is As Critical As Your Front Stage

It’s critical that you execute on your promises and deliver what customers expect. If they expect something great and receive something mediocre, their perception of you plummets.

Systems must be in place to ensure perfect delivery. If you don’t execute and keep your promises, these customers will tell everyone about it, and they have the web to spread their bad experience. In my small business marketing firm, we call this “front stage” versus “back stage.” It doesn’t matter how pretty and flashy your front stage is if your back stage doesn’t deliver.

Front stage is your high-profile executives and spokespersons, events, website, materials, and media. Back stage is your people and systems-the inner workings of your company that customers don’t see, but the results of which they experience.

I once purchased a training course from a company with an excellent front stage. The speakers were persuasive. The events were flawless. The results seemed inevitable. However, after engaging with them for about a month, it quickly became apparent that their back stage was a mess.

They wouldn’t return phone calls. They never delivered on their promises. What looked like a golden opportunity was quickly exposed as fool’s gold.

I wasn’t the only one with a bad experience. The company went out of business a couple years after opening.

My business partner Carl once had a conversation of the leader of the execution team for a major self-help author. The author had written many books and had phenomenal success. He had the ability to speak magically to the hearts of the audiences to whom he regularly spoke. He put on his own events where he offered and sold a number of in-depth solutions for personal growth and financial success.

Unfortunately, he had the bad habit of biting off more than he could chew. In other words, he over-promised on stage and his staff had no other option than under-delivering. They couldn’t create nearly as fast as he promised. In the end, customers felt slighted. His staff felt the pressure and ended up leaving.

Most marketing and advertising firms focus solely on your “front stage” messaging. But you must also build your “back stage” so that it supports and synchronizes with your front stage.

Take Your Business Back!

I often hear from managers that employees have more power than their bosses. Studies have shown that the majority of workers in North America do not want to move into a management role. The current trend toward servant leadership and participative management has created a lot of very good results, but in many cases it has also created chaos, poor morale and reduced performance.

In the nineteen-fifties and prior, we witnessed command and control management styles in most businesses and Government service sectors. That method of leadership allowed manipulation, oppression and in some cases, outright cruelty to employees in the workplace.

Workers were threatened and intimidated in the name of better performance standards. Although command and control worked in its own way, it led to dissension, distrust of management and employee rebellion. Ultimately, it gave greater power to unions and paved the way for the servant leadership style that most leaders either espouse or give lip-service to in the twenty-first century.

The trend toward what I call, soft-servant-leadership is beginning to erode the ability of North American business to perform effectively. It is at least partially responsible for the lack of discipline that led to the recent American banking industry collapse and it is usually the root of cause of poor performance in any industry or public sector. When there are no apparent consequences, chaos is allowed to rule. The elimination command and control as been replaced by some new phenomena:


  • request followed by refusal
  • guidance followed by defiance
  • rules broken without consequence
  • leadership scorned or disregarded
  • poor performance rewarded or nurtured
  • bad attitudes ignored or avoided
  • management afraid of employees
  • insolence, tardiness, absenteeism, and laziness tolerated

(If you don’t see your favourite one on the list, please feel free to add it.)

Now is the time to take your business back! Now is the time to start a LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION and build organizations that will be able to withstand the onslaught of the financial recession and economic hardship that will continue well into the twenty-first century.

We cannot continue to be productive if we do not begin to hold our employees accountable for the work they do. I am not suggesting that we go back to the command and control management style of the fifties… I am suggesting that we temper servant leadership with effective accountability.

Leadership should not be about settling for less!

Leadership should be a combination of our currently understood principles of servant leadership tempered or fused with firmness, accountability and a respect for hierarchy.

We often compare the running of a business with coaching a team or commanding an army.

When we make those comparisons however, we seem to forget that on a basketball team, if a player is insolent, disobedient or plays badly, he is benched or sent to the showers. The coach takes control and makes hard decisions for the betterment of his team. In the case of the military, if a soldier is insolent, disobedient or AWOL he is disciplined, court-marshalled, or jailed. In both cases, the performance of the entire team is placed in the paramount position and individual team members understand that they must do exactly as their leader instructs them or suffer the consequences. They know that their leader is in control and that his or her decisions are the best for the team.

You will probably never hear any suggestion that a tough but successful basketball coach is cruel or unfair, just as there is seldom any thought that a field commander is doing anything but the right thing when he brings a coward, a deserter or a mutineer up on charges. Hierarchy has worked amongst groups of human beings in mutual endeavours for eons and it will work in the twenty first century.

Please do not misunderstand me. I know that basketball teams and armies have different dynamics than industry, business or the public sector. With that in mind, we must accept that modern leaders cannot lead through intimidation, threats, unfair discipline, anger, rudeness or punishment.

If modern leaders want to be successful, they must retain control and generate maximum performance through strength and firmness while holding their employees accountable for their work. There must be measures in place that will allow leaders to exercise their control over their employees for the betterment and integrity of the team. Employees must understand that if they are not able to follow the fair and simple rules of their positions or are not able to show ordinary respect through things like consistently showing up on time, they will be held accountable and may be disciplined or terminated.

Leaders need not set up an adversarial relationship with employee groups. If they simply outline fair and reasonable expectations to their people and gain their agreement, they will be able act responsibly in the future with little fear of criticism or discord. When employees understand the rules and those rules are monitored fairly and consistently, everyone benefits and everyone wins!

Communication and courage are the keys!

Let’s start a LEADERSHIP REVOLUTION! Let’s stop being afraid of our employees! Let’s stop settling for less! Let’s take our businesses back!

All the Best!

Wayne Kehl